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Welcome to the Rivest SRL website!

Rivest SRL is a reference point in the sector of industrial cataphoresis painting, having forty years of experience and a high quality certificated by ISO 9001:2015.

Rivest Ltd’s core business is cataphoresis painting, using only PPG.

The cataphoresis painting is a superficial treatment aimed at conferring, to metal elements and other alloys, a remarkable resistance from chemical and environmental corrosion processes.

The painting plant allows painting with low, medium and high thickness.


The cataphoresis treatment guarantees the complete covering of the industrial products with a constant uniformity of thickness.

Applied by electrodeposition is also recommended as a base for powder coating, in cases is required a maximum performance in terms of adhesion, durability and finishing.


The plant of BLACK CATAPHORESIS is equipped with a stage of:

• Degreasing by spray

• Activation

• Phosphating

• Cataphoresis painting with high penetration

• Drying in high-temperature furnaces



Maximum manageable size: 1800 mm (Length) x 1500 mm (Depth) x 800 mm (Width)

For further information about the painting process, please contact us and we will give you all the information you need.


Rivest Ltd. offers to its customers a wide range of solutions in order to respond and manage any kind of request, guaranteeing competence, flexibility and technical assistance.
We perform the packaging of the materials under specific customer’s requirements and manages the shipping stage if required by the customer, always with the highest punctuality and reliability.


Address :     Via Onorato Vigliani 74 - 10135 Torino - Italy

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